People We’ve Worked With

Allstate Motor Club
International Tennis Association
American Advertising Federation
Johnson Controls
American Kennel Club
Limited Corporation
Bath & Body Works
Lintas Worldwide
Camping World
Cardinal Health
Make-A-Wish Foundation
Cheryl's Cookies & Brownies
Meredith Integrated Marketing
Montgomery Ward / Signature Group
Demarle USA
Ohio Children’s Foundation
Ohio Department of Travel & Tourism
Otterbein University
E.J. DeBartolo Mall Shopping Centers
Easton Town Center
Structure Men’s Clothing
Exxon Travel Club
The Blue Cottage Consulting Group
Things Remembered
Farmers Insurance
General Motors
United Methodist Church
GM Electric Vehicle / GM Ovonics
White Barn Candle Company

“Jason and his staff truly understand business. Their ideas and designs are not only award winning but, highly successful. House of Krauss takes our black and white catalog analysis and a group of new gifts and turns them into a delicious and profitable catalog business every time.”
- Cheryl Krueger, CEO & Founder, Cheryl&Co.
“From the first inquiry to the delivery of the final concepts, Jason and his team were the most responsive, creative, and enthusiastic professionals with whom we’ve ever had the pleasure of working. Jason’s ability to read my mind, to truly feel and appreciate my vision for this company and convert it into a creative representation was amazing to experience first-hand. I will never forget the day that he presented the identity concepts – it was as if each concept, each individual piece of art, represented a part of me. Quite simply, he nailed it and each time we put our logo on a proposal, a document, a presentation, or a piece of clothing, I beam with the same pride that I felt the very first day he unveiled it.”
- Juliet L. Rogers, PHD, MPH, President & CEO, Blue Cottage Consulting
“House of Krauss has become the heart and soul of our company!”
- Ann Bromley, Director of Merchandising , The Popcorn Factory
“Jason has played an integral role in developing fruitful fund-raising campaigns at King Avenue United Methodist Church. Engaging in the creative process with Jason is enjoyable, stimulating and energizing. He listens closely to ideas and then visualizes them. He leads us to a conclusion which is far better than what we thought we wanted, yet we all feel that we contributed.”
- Rev. John Keeny, Senior Pastor, King Avenue United Methodist Church
“Jason is amazing to work with because in addition to being incredibly talented, he cares about the brand I'm building as much as I do. ”
- Sharon Pope, CEO & Founder, Life Coach, Author & Speaker
“Jason and the House of Krauss have for ever created the highest quality creative work to represent a brand, a person or a product. Each assignment is given the unique and individual attention with the detail, care and understanding that best represents the purpose and soul of the brand or product. If you have worked with Jason, which I have, you know how fortunate and great an experience it is.”
- Ann Phipps, VP Interactive Integration Creative Director, MRM Worldwide
“Working with Jason and his team at House of Krauss Graphic Design on our rebranding and new website elevated our nonprofit to the next level. The team refreshed our brand and look so that it remains true to our nonprofits past, present & future. House of Krauss provided us with the visual tools to articulate our new brand. Since our rebranding and new website launch, we have seen a dramatic increase in site visitors. Jason and team are so easy to work with and really understood what mattered to our growing nonprofit and our supporters. We now have a more modern, sophisticated and updated look! ”
- Amy Skokal, Executive Director, ArtWorks, The Naomi Cohain Foundation
“Jason and his team quickly understand the project and offer a range of strong creative solutions – often showing direction you never thought of! They are organized and creative at the same time – a skill not all companies have! It is a pleasure to work with this dedicated and passionate team.”
- Lisa Henry, VP, Brand Creative Services, Cheryl&Co.