changing the world with design.
one project at a time.

Meet Jason Bradley-Krauss, a man with a vision.

In the third grade, I decided I wanted to be a graphic designer. By the time I’d earned my BFA from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, I had a vision: I’d redesign the entire world.

Since I established House of Krauss in 1998, that’s exactly what we’ve been doing.

One project at a time.

We might just be the team you’re looking for.

You decide.

We tell our clients’ stories with a compelling, clear visual message.

We use heart and imagination to illuminate their brand’s personality.

We deliver excellence because we fall in love with every project.

If powerful communications design, art direction and brand building are what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place.

here’s what we can do for you.

In a word: everything.

We’re not bragging. We’re a complete creative services company, so we tackle projects of any size and complexity. In fact, we thrive on a good challenge. Creative problem-solving is one of the things we do best.

Our work isn’t limited to one medium, industry or style. We tailor our talents to find the perfect design solution for each project.

We love beautiful design. But beauty is more than skin deep. We focus on creating memorable messaging and brand identities that sink in — and stick with the intended audience.

here’s what drives us.

You’ll find three elements in everything we do.


The best designs communicate clearly with their intended audience. Cluttered designs usually mean cluttered thinking – uncertainty about what really needs to be said. We help our clients sharpen their focus on the essential. Get to the point. Keep it simple.


No matter how technology evolves, people respond to people. Ignore the humanity in your audience and your communications are cold and forgettable. Recognize their humanity and you evoke an emotional response. Brands tell a story. Put a face on it. Be real.


Customers who trust you are invaluable. Nothing destroys that trust more quickly than perception and reality that don’t connect. Believe in your strengths. Be consistent. Tell it like it is.

here’s what sets us apart.

House of Krauss has all the experience and capabilities of a big agency, with one very important difference: We’re not a big agency.

There’s no cumbersome hierarchy. We get to know our clients personally. We listen carefully to what they need. If they’re not sure, we ask questions that help us guide them in the direction of their design dreams.

We never forget why we’re here: Your business is our business.

here’s how we do what we do.

Each client is unique, but our work process serves all of them well.

Every project starts with a strategy. Good design needs a destination. It requires a clear vision and marketing mission to arrive at a design that hits home — a visual message that makes an impact.

After we get to the heart of what you need, we put together a fixed-price proposal or an hourly estimate. We’re as specific as possible. No one likes surprises.

Then we create a project map: objectives, audience, key messages, project constraints — whatever it takes to get us there. That’s how we start creating solutions to get to the final destination.

Next, we present concepts that generate a conversation about the essence of your project. Then we begin refining our concepts and designs until we arrive at exactly where you want to be.

Details matter. So we make sure every one is exactly right when it’s time to bring your project to life.

here’s who we are.

Jason Bradley-Krauss - Principal + Creative Director
Jason Bradley-Krauss
Principal + Creative Director
My credentials are a source of pride: Strategic thinker. Creative designer. Successful
business owner. I’m fortunate to have learned my craft first at the Center for Creative
Studies in Detroit and then at Campbell-Ewald Advertising, where I concentrated in
graphic design, art direction and management. My interest in photography and music inform my design work -- as do my passions for family life, the company of my two
children, cooking for a crowd, historic architecture and our country’s national parks.
I’m honored that my work has earned national recognition, including Addy, Ozzie,
AIGA, Graphic Design USA, and Columbus Society of Communicating Arts awards. My
work has also appeared in many professional publications such as Graphis, Folio and
MJ Vukadin - Art Director + Graphic Designer
MJ Vukadin
Art Director + Graphic Designer
I graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science in Design. I studied interior architecture and incorporated visual communication and branding into my studies. Since graduating, I've worked with major international brands, non-profits and small businesses.
I believe that design is an essential tool that makes the world (especially our communities) a better place and it is my role as a designer to make that change happen!

Project Teams
Based on the needs of each assignment, we assemble project-based teams from a pool of talented professionals.

The end product is what matters most. It’s the people of House of Krauss who get you there.